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Tranquility In Bali 3 - Dream Of The Dolphin

Tranquility In Bali 3 - Dream Of The Dolphin

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product code MCD094

The gentle sounds of the waves and the chatter of dolphins offer the perfect natural background for this superb
album of oceanic themes by See New Project. Featuring gamelan Bali and Sunda flute this beautiful album,
inspired by our oceanic friends, create a sensitive and serene atmosphere invoking visions of freedom and tranquility.

01. Opening Tune : Bali-Sunda Anthem "Country Sunset"
02. The Moon and The Waves
03. New Morning in Dreamland
04. Sea Bed
05. Deep Blue
06. Dolphin Dancing
07. Aqua Marine
08. Blue Lagoon
09. Birds Over The Rainbow
10. Sundown
11. Closing Tune : Bali - Sunda Anthem "Happy Ending"

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