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Tranquility In Bali 2

Tranquility In Bali 2

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The gentle sounds will soothe mind and body. Tension, Fatique, Stress, are not match for nature?s soothing sounds. Close your eyes and let your mind take away to the rolling surf, ocean shore, birdsong, foundtains and strdeams combine with the keyboards to create an album of serene beauty, perfect for meditation, relaxation, or as background music.

01. Kumaha Damang
02. Sounds Of The Ocean : Ocean beach
03. The Sound of the Tropical Rainforest "The Spirit Of Bali" Part 1 Feat. Kecak & Jegog Of Bali
04. A Walk In The Rainforest
05. Sounds of Last Light in a Tall Forest
06. Sound of Sea Eagles
07. The Forest Awake
08. Sound of the Ocean : Among a Rockpools
09. Sunset in the Rainforest
10. A Night Walk in the Rainforest
11. Rain in the Forest
12. "The Spirit Of Bali" Part 2 Feat. Kecak & Jegog Of Bali

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