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Tranquility In Bali

Tranquility In Bali

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The gentle sounds will soothe mind and body. Tension, Fatique, Stress, are not match for nature?s soothing sounds. Close your eyes and let your mind take away to the rolling surf, ocean shore, birdsong, foundtains and strdeams combine with the keyboards to create an album of serene beauty, perfect for meditation, relaxation, or as background music.

01. Medley: Gundul-Gundul Pacul (RC. Hardjo Subroto) & Suwe Ora Jamu (Kebo Iwa Mix)
02. Dreamland
03. Peaceful Ocean Surf
04. When Winds are Breathing Low
05. Into The Clouds on Gunung Bromo
06. Between Heaven and Earth
07. Midnight Dream
08. Quiet Days in Kyoto
09. Stranger In Paradise
10. Balinese Folk Song Medley: Ratu Anom & Mejangeran
11. Dreamland (Ocean Surf Remixed)

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