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Kecapi Suling Bird 1

Kecapi Suling Bird 1

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Ambient Sound of Bird & Nature - The sound of relaxation (Tranquility)
In this album, the songs are selected from famous traditional songs as well as from new composers.
The highlight in this album is because it has been added with the sound effect such as : Birdsong, Oceas Shore, Fountains and Streams, Rainforest etc.
This will create the nature atmosphere to the listeners and suit for meditation, stress relieve, relaxation or background music.

01. Ulah Kitu
02. Ombak-Ombakan
03. Karang nunggal
04. Sangkuriang (Uking Sakti)
05. Pajajaran Jipang
06. Renggong manis
07. Kembang Bungur
08. Teuteup Deudeuh
09. Kamarembing
10. Paksi Tuwung

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