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frequently asked questions

What is the quality of the mp3 ?

All files are encoded in 192kbps

I already download the file,but why the format extension is .RAR ?

RAR is a format that supports data compression, so you can download your file faster in a single go. You can open .RAR file with WinRAR (Windows) or UnRarX (Mac)

What is your official PayPal account ?

Our official PayPal account is

What is the difference between box and download edition ?

box edition is a physical item while download edition is a digital item. When you order a download edition, you won't be charged for shipping fee, and you can download the album right away.

What company do you use for shipping the CD ?

Post office indonesia using EMS service therefore the shipping price based on the EMS service

My country is not listed in your shipping destination,is that possible if I order CD ?

Contact us so we can check if your country available using the EMS service and we will give you the shipping price

We accept payment with Paypal - including Visa, Maestro, Mastercard
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