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Maharani Record

Maharani Record was established in 1981 by Ricky Sadha, intended for Balinese pop music on cassette. However, in 1990, inspired by the art and beauty of traditional Balinese musical instruments such as rindik, angklung, and kecapi as well as traditional Balinese dances, Maharani Record began to record on CD and VCD.

In 2002, Maharani Record began to blend traditional and modern music resulting in relaxing melodies that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and nations. These include such as the albums Balinese Spa Music, Tranquility Music, and Bali Relaxation Lounge Music.

Important companies, both local and international, own licenses to use the music by Maharani Record, including Germany, U.S.A., England, Australia, France, and Japan.

For distribution, Maharani Record works together with Disc Tarra and other local companies. And in 2008 they worked together with Around the World, located in Kuala Lumpur for distribution in Malaysia.

Today, Maharani Record has produced more than a hundred CDs of traditional instrumental music from chill out, trance, upbeat, and down tempo.

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