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Rest & Relax Gamelan Bamboo & Flute

Rest & Relax Gamelan Bamboo & Flute

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The Balinese gamelans that use bamboo tubes or slats rather than bronze slabs for keys are the true folk music of Bali,in the sense that they were never courtly arts. This is no way implies,however, that the music made on them isin any way simpler or less rigorouse in construction. It is only that the occasions on which they are played are more often imprompt and meant mostly to be for fun and diversion.Bamboo music is very much on an earthly plane,refreshingly free of any pretenses to sublimity.

1.Gending Pengaksama
2.Gending Sekar Ginotan
3.Gending Tetangisan
4.Gending Sekar Sandat
5.Gending Bulan Purnama
6.Gending Kelompok Guna
7.Gending Pudak Sari
8.Gending Joged Bumbung
9.Gending Gegandrungan
10.Gending Suda Mala

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